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But, unfortunately, there are a whole lot of functions that must be mastered to run a business effectively.

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Just go to 48Days. There are a whole lot of people in the 48Days community who are helping each other with advice and complimenting skills in 48Days. I tell people that in a small business like 48Days, there are probably different things that need to be done. I probably do 2 or 3 of those pretty well. For all the others I find people whose skills far surpass my own in those areas. Your ability to save has everything to do with your ability to start a business. Develop a plan to assess your full financial picture.

Start by calculating your net worth. You should also have a or higher credit score.

Are You Ready To Be Your Own Boss?

You also need to eliminate any credit card. Examine Your Business Skills: You should look at what skills you have and what skills you need to run your business. Be honest when making your list of skills. Ask three people close you to what they think are your best skills. Consider working part-time for a business like the one you want to start to gain industry experience. Business success is all about understanding your customer and providing a solution.

I suggest you develop a marketing plan before you attempt the business plan to make sure there is a viable market for your business idea.

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You must plan for success if will not just happen to you. A well thought out business plan is your roadmap for success. The greatest part of owning your own business is YOU get to make the discoveries. Imagine where you want to be in five years, ten years, even twenty years.

Aim big and then set your path to get there. That satisfaction makes it all worth it! Subscribing via email is the best way to stay connected to all the fun stuff happening here at Living Well Spending Less, and we invite you to join more than 1 million subscribers in receiving regular updates!

1. You have the financial means to pursue your goal.

When you subscribe, you'll also get instant access to our life-changing Goal Setting Workbook as our gift to you. This is a great list! I feel like I will need to keep revisiting it as my business grows. But although being your own boss has its ups and downs, I try to always think of the alternative: So, all in all, scary is better than the alternative!

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There is always a great deal of stress that accompanies the responsibilities we are given. I have to say its still like walking through the thorniest part of a rose bush but, we are moving.

Are You Ready To Be Your Own Boss?

Being a business owner is a huge risk, I agree it can be rewarding, unfortunately I have yet to see return on my adventure of blogging. As someone who blogs for passion vs. Some readers seek ideas on developing personal style, others come for thoughts on finding purpose and building a career, a lot visit for the personal anecdotes and life perspectives, and all stop in because they love to read the kind of blog posts where you need a solid 15 minutes and a cup of coffee to get through the full thing.

2. You've done your homework.

Would love ideas on how to think about this outside of my own mind! I started my first blog when I was in year 6 about 11 years old , my current blog began a few years later, at the same time I discovered a love for making YouTube videos. I just have to get better at time management and believing in myself. Someone who is thinking similar to me, so thank you! But, it does get hard when your motivation is non-existent on some days, but you know that you need to work.

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