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I peeped through the window. I saw that she went behind a curtain and removing her pant and when she removed it she was sitting on a chair and trying to take off something from between her legs oh man what I saw. I saw a cotton length with stains on it and I saw my teacher rubbing her thighs and whispering "ohhh maaaa ahhhh" I don't know what she mean of saying this I then went inside she was already behind the curtain then I suddenly asked any problem teacher because I was frightened from the.

She was shocked and said that nothing I asked about she said don't worry and not to tell anyone and she said me now go to your class and I obeyed. The next day in the class she seems a bit nervous and when the period was over she said to me to come into the staff room and she will check my homework there. It was break time in the college I went to the staff room and saw my teacher was sitting on a chair and asking me to come inside and said to sit.

Then she ask "Tum nay kisi ko kay baray main to nahin bataya " I said no teacher she said good boy and caressed my hairs with her fingers. Then she ordered me that she has some work after college and I should have with her to help.

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I asked that my mom will not allow me then she said that don't worry I will call her and get permission for you. During our conversation she quickly got up and walk fast towards the bathroom and she forget to lock the door. I followed to the bathroom and saw that she was removing her shalwar and massaged her private part. I think she was having some problem because she was whispering in pain and then she sat on the flush and shouted in pain "ooh iiieeeee"and I saw a stream of flowing down the flush I haven't seen her private part up till then because of her kamiz and then she pissed urine and washed herself and started to come out.

I quickly ran away because I don't want to know her that I saw her, but she noticed running me and smiled on my face, then I attended the rest of the periods and the college was over. When all the college was empty I went to find her but I didn't find her anywhere but when I was passing through the canteen she was sitting there she asked me to come in and sit beside her and she said that now we will do our work and she have to arrange some files and I should have to help her, then we went to the staff room.

There she was trying to find some files and she asked me to bend down and see the files under the cupboard. I obeyed when I was bending she let her knee touch my ass I felt nothing and she said sorry. I said it is ok. Then she said do you like to play a game I said ok but what is the game? She said it is very enjoyable game but promise not to tell anyone I promised her ok.

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She said, "lets go to my home and there we will play the game". We then moved to her home. We reached her place, no one was there.

We entered and she holding my arm led me to the bedroom and she sat on the bed. And said Rony I saw you when you were watching me in the bathroom but I want to ask you that how you feel when you were watching me I said that I was frightened to see the. She laughed then and said that don't worry it is common in girls all the girls have this problem in a month and it is called menses but why do you frightened. I said it is strange I haven't seen anything like this before and she said that today was my last day of and now it is over but I have some pain in my private part due to it.

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I then asked her what is the game. She said to me "tumhari pant may kya hai" I said legs she laughed then and said do you have any tube like thing in your underwear I said yes penis I have. But why you asked teacher. She said I want to see it, take off your pants down. No teacher it is bad. No Rony it is not bad let me do it for you baby. Then she pulled down the zipper of my pant pulled it down, and put her hand inside and grabbed my cock out it was limp.

Wow it looks pretty good then she gripped my cock with her fingers and started to rub my dick.

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I was so ashamed at that time that what is happening to me then she take away her hand and asked "Rony kabhi tum nay girls ki tangoon main kuch dekha hai"? I said no I haven't seen because I was unknown what she was trying to do with me.

Then she grabbed my hand and put it on her tits they were so soft and she kissed me harder on my lips and slide her tongue into my mouth and I can feel her saliva going into my mouth. Then she said "Rony meray boobs ko dabao" when I was pressing she was moaning ahhhh ohhh "araam say" then she started undressing herself but she only let her bra and panties on and then she open the buttons of my pant and slide it down. Oh God I was shivering because it was adventurous for me then she said to unhook her bra, I did and wow I saw a pair of breasts. She pushed my head to her boobs and said" inhain chooso meri jan maray nipples ko kaato" and when I was sucking she was whispering "oh God ahhhhhhh araam say dard hota hai".

First a bit of background. Following a divorce that led me to be being screwed, I ended up in a big city in a little flat with very little money.

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My brothers house Donald Dentley When my twin brother goes on holiday I go to house sit for him. The place is situated halfway along a farm road. There is a another house almost opposite. Although he has a very small front yard the back garden is enormous and is surrounded by tall beach hedges. Fifteen years old my daughter Jayden and her friend Hayley asked to go stay with me in the cabin I rented at the river.